I have just spent a lovely morning watching your videos…   the local element to the stories is wonderful.
Kirsten MacLeod,  Library Resource Centre Coordinator, Elgin High School

Your thought and care in preparation and your wonderful delivery of both live and recorded sessions which you do for us at Artsplay Highland means that your sessions are always so well received.
Monica Needing : Artsplay Highland

Talking Rhythm Drum Class,  participants have said :

Good teaching, clear instructions and well facilitated

I have attended the class for over a year and my drumming has improved a lot. Carol is an excellent teacher and makes her groups accessible to all from the complete beginner to more advanced drummers.

I would recommend the class it is so much fun.

I would certainly recommend the class – and do in fact

 Feedback From Headmistress of Knockando Primary School, Mary Smith

On Oral History Storytelling project

   …it was a team effort and was a resounding success because the children worked so well together and with Carol

The great thing about this was that the children had to follow the story but didn’t have to be word perfect……they could ad lib and make it up as they went along. That was liberating for them and brought another dimension to their perceptions of putting on a performance 

They really enjoyed putting on the performance and parents have requested something similar in the future